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G.H.Mumm - Everyday Victories


G.H. Mumm is the premier sponsor for champagne of the prestigious F1 sport. This puts them in a very unique position and has made the use of champagne synonymous with celebrating victories. In conjunction with the 57th anniversary of Malaysian independence, G.H. Mumm launched a campaign to celebrate everyday achievements, no matter big or small, as Everyday Victories.

The Brief

The client wanted to create a Facebook application to collect stories of what independence meant to people. This contest put participants in the running to win 57 limited edition gold bottles of G.H. Mumm Champagne. As part of the prize giving ceremony, a microsite was needed to announce the winners of the Facebook campaign and launch their #everydayvictories Instagram hashtag. Attendees of the event, made up of public figures and corporate personalities, would then be able to take photos and use the hashtag. The photos would the need to appear on the microsite.

Our Solution

Based on the requirements, we created a Facebook application integrated into their Facebook fanpage that allowed users to submit their independence stories. We also built a moderation platform that allowed administrators to approve stories before there were published. As part of the second phase of this project, we built a HTML5 responsive website to showcase the winners of the contest and provide a live stream of Instagram photos with the #everydayvictories hashtag. The use of social-media for this project provided multiple avenues for users to engage with the brand.

  • HTML5 responsive website
  • jQuery driven front-end
  • Facebook application
  • Instagram API integration